After searching for a job all summer, I recently got offered a job at Blackberry Farm.  This weekend, I’ll be moving to Maryville, Tennessee, and I start work on Monday!  Last school year and this summer, I was determined that I should move back to Greenville, South Carolina and find a job there.  Furman University, my alma mater, is just outside of Greenville and the city of Greenville is really a wonderful place.  On top of that, the best church I have ever been a part of is in Greenville.  I wanted to return to this place and form a long-term community.  I was tired of moving from place to place and wanted to find friends with whom I could be friends for several years.  And why shouldn’t this happen in Greenville?  I don’t know.  But apparently, God didn’t (doesn’t) want me in Greenville because He didn’t provide me with anything more than a very part-time job in Greenville.  Instead, He provided me with a job at the very first place I applied to outside of Greenville: Blackberry Farm.

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