Beauty, Truth, and Goodness in Fairytale Form

My dear friends,

I apologize for my long silence from this corner of the cyber-world. I have long been wanting to write about the new movie Cinderella that is currently out in theaters, but alas, life happens and sometimes things do not get done that you want to get done. I will be writing about Cinderella in the future – do not worry about that! Cinderella was my very favorite story growing up and there is no way that I will let the opportunity pass me by to write about this new adaptation of this beloved story.

But today, you will not be hearing from me about Cinderella. A friend of mine posted this article on her Facebook page, and as I am not on Facebook myself, the mother of another friend sent me the link via email. I read the article this morning and simply must share it with you. It is full of good writing and important truths, and reminded me once again of the power of the fairytale.

Also, I encourage you all to see Cinderella in theaters! I am sure it will be very enjoyable at home, but this is one film where the size and color and sound and beauty of it is all the more fantastic in the theater.

Enjoy reading “The Audacity of Cinderella” by Rebecca Reynolds!

  • Cinderella:
  • “The Audacity of Cinderella”:
    Read from the beginning:


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